Thursday, November 26, 2015

by Pamela Mala Sinha 
Soulpepper Theatre Company


" "

"One of the best ensemble casts you can find on a Toronto stage; all seven women are captivating" 

by Kate Hennig
Stratford Shakespeare Festival

"... expert direction..."
-Now Magazine

“…funny and fanciful… entertaining and absorbing”
“racy, in the sense of both pungency and speed”

– National Post

 – Globe and Mail 

by Sarah Ruhl
Soulpepper Theatre Company

"An exquisitely-staged adaptation"  

"Tender, rich and moving" 

"...remarkable theatrical power...hilarious and heartbreaking. ... There’s so much more to say!

"Real poetic beauty and humour" 

by Andrew Kushnir
Project:Humanity / The Theatre Centre

"Alan Dilworth’s direction as the show deconstructs itself is inspired … really chops away at the big issues surrounding documentary theatre – and problem plays in general."
- Globe and Mail

"…you may wonder what Dilworth has in mind… he knows exactly what he is doing. …riveting…" 
- Toronto Star

"Dilworth really shows his mastery of the craft... a triumph of guts over glory
... so incredibly satisfying."
- Mooney On Theatre 


Thursday, August 1, 2013

Passion Play by Sarah Ruhl (Outside The March, Convergence Theatre and Sheep No Wool)

"Passionate, profound, undeniable unique… a theatrical event you won’t want to miss."
 The Globe and Mail

“...the indie theatre event of the summer." The Toronto Star

The Biographer by Daniel Karasik (Tango Co. at Videofag)


Sunday, March 31, 2013

La Ronde (2013) by Jason Sherman after Arthur Schnitzler (Soulpepper Theatre Company)

"Dilworth’s staging is physically ingenious, emotionally and atmospherically superb; it’s also, for all the explicitness, remarkably tasteful and tactful. ... This is Soulpepper’s most adventurous production in years." Robert Cushman, The National Post 
"Director Alan Dilworth creates a seamless production. ... Raw, provocative, shocking, stimulating and maybe at times, even jaw- dropping. ... It garnered a standing ovation on its opening night and I hope the streak continues." Mooney On Theatre

"Under Alan Dilworth's taut direction, La Ronde is edgy even in its quieter moments, making Schnitzler's original play about the sexual mores of turn of the century Vienna, seem awfully tame." Scene Changes 
"Dilworth draws extraordinarily committed performances from the entire cast." Christopher Hoile, Stage Door

"Director Alan Dilworth gets confident and vulnerable performances ... keeping us on the edge of our seats in anticipation as the set breaks apart between each powerful rendez-vous. Audiences will often find it difficult to watch but even harder to look away." Theatromania

"The thing works... a terrifically talented ensemble and the firm direction of Alan Dilworth, making an impressive Soulpepper debut." Glenn Sumi, NOW Magazine

"Directed with flourish and a firm sense (pun intended) of control by Alan Dilworth." Deirdre Kelly, Critics At Large

"Great direction. Alan Dilworth always delivers." Theatre Isn't Dead

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Blue/Orange by Joe Penhall (Theatre Kingston)

"Director Alan Dilworth gives a fresh new voice to Joe Penhall's seminal work." The Kingstonist

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Crash by Pamela Sinha (Theatre Passe Muraille)

"Director Alan Dilworth, who also shepherded Erin Shields’s Governor-General’s Award-winning play If We Were Birds to the stage, again provides a stylish but sensitive staging for a story of violence against women. ... The whole package impresses thoroughly." J. Kelly Nestruck, The Globe and Mail   
"Alan Dilworth’s direction is exact and inventive; the Passe Muraille backspace, theoretically one of the most constricted theatres in Toronto has often housed surprisingly elaborate productions, but this one sets new standards." Robert Cushman, The National Post

"The production ... just grabs you. ... It is beautifully directed by Alan Dilworth—a really gifted director. He has a fine eye for the small but perfect detail and for guiding such a performance. Theatre at it’s finest." Lynn Slotkin, The Slotkin Letter

"Crash is an insightful play given a magical production no theatre-lover should miss. Under Alan Dilworth’s clear-sighted direction, Sinha tells her tale in a completely dispassionate voice, as if the autobiographical story had happened to someone else, indeed, to the third-person character of the Girl. Pop psychology always suggests that people can somehow put terrible experiences “behind” them and “move on”. The calmness of Sinha’s delivery gives the lie to these notions.  ... impressive production." Christopher Hoile, Stage Door

"What I experienced last night was so raw with emotion and powerful that I don’t know how I can possibly review it. I feel a little out of my depth here and at an utter loss for words, but hopefully I’ll convince you to go and see it. This one-woman show left me with shivers up my spine and tears in my eyes. I don’t think I have ever seen a show like this. Granted I tend to pick the fluffier, funnier, musical type of shows but after this I think I need to watch more 'real theatre'. This to me is as good as it gets. ... The bottom-line is that you must go see this show. That’s all I can really say." Sonia Borkar, Mooney On Theatre

Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Bundle by Edward Bond (NTS, Ryerson University, York University)

“Captivating, that was Ryerson's production of The Bundle by Edward Bond. From the audible gasp from the audience right at the end of the first act straight to curtain call, it was impossible to turn away. … at some point, a shiver makes its way over the seats like an invisible wave.”  Jessica Wei, The Charlebois Post

The Middle Place by Andrew Kushnir (Project:Humanity / Theatre Passe Muraille / The Canadian Stage Company)

"If you go to see a lot of theatre, you can start to feel as if you are suffocating inside a hermetically sealed container. The Middle Place opens a window." J. Kelly Nestruck, The Globe and Mail

"The results are moving, eye-opening and filled with hope, as the talented ensemble cast morphs from one character to another under the expert direction of Alan Dilworth." Jon Kaplan, NOW Magazine
"The results, under Alan Dilworth's direction, are remarkable, both imaginative and respectful: factually-based but more than dramatized social work." Robert Cushman, The National Post 

Thursday, December 1, 2011

If We Were Birds by Erin Shields (Tarragon Theatre / Groundwater Productions)

"The production takes you gently by the throat and doesn't let go or let you look away. ... It's directed again by Alan Dilworth, surely one of our most accomplished directors. He has such a clear, precise vision of how to realize the elegance, poetry and brutality of the play that is compelling." Lynn Slotkin, CBC Radio

"If We Were Birds is raw, red-meat theatre and absolutely not for the faint of heart." Robert Crew, The Toronto Star

"Anyone doubting the relevance and primal pull of myth needs to see If We Were Birds. Scratch that. Anyone interested in powerful theatre should see it." Glenn Sumi, NOW Magazine

"Alan Dilworth directs with potent theatrical minimalism." Christopher Hoile, Eye Weekly

After Akhmatova by Kate Cayley (Tarragon Theatre)

Thinking of Yu by Carole Frechette, translated by John Murrell (Alberta Theatre Projects)

The Unforgetting by Alan Dilworth (Belltower Theatre)